Brood X Cicadas Will Return This Year

Get ready because, after seventeen years underground, the monster size “Brood X” cicadas will be driving people crazy with their “mating sound” that emitted at 80 – 100 decibels. This loud mating call is equivalent to a low-flying plane lawnmower. These cicadas have been underground since 2004, feeding on sap from the roots of plants. Brood X is one of the enormous broods of cicadas, will be emerging soon to lay their eggs in trees. The eggs will hatch 4-6 weeks later, and the “big brood” will spend 2-4 weeks in late May and early June courting, mating, flying, and driving people crazy You can expect to see them in Tennessee and about 14 other states as soon as the temperature reaches 64 degrees. Now for the good news, we won’t see these “noise gifts from mother nature in our area; the closest they will get is Tennesse. The offsprings will head back underground until 2038.

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