Who is cruisin’ Main in Joplin tonight?

The word on Facebook as sourced from this Facebook Group “Cruisin Main”, tonight at 8 pm many Joplin residents will be able to re-live old times! As quoted from the Groups Page :

“This event has been cleared with the JPD. They ask that we practice social distancing. That’s the Key factor in all this. Please remain in your cars. No loitering or parking on the side of the road. Obey the traffic laws. It’s imperative we follow this and respect the situation. We need to stay safe. But we need to have fun. We need to come together as a community and have a moment to enjoy ourselves in this chaotic time. We’ll be meeting at the 7th street Sonic before hand. I will see all of you there.

The Route: we’re going 90’s style cause that’s what I remember.

10th down to 3rd
Turn on 3rd come back to 4th back up to main
Turn on 9th back to 10th
10th to main”

The Group Address is linked below: